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Understanding The Town of Brookhaven Driveway Rules, A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the maze of local zoning laws can be a daunting task. One area that often confuses homeowners is driveway regulations. If you reside in the Town of Brookhaven, understanding the rules governing driveway size and materials is crucial. This blog post aims to demystify the “Town of Brookhaven Driveway Rules” for you.

What Are the Basic Rules?

The Town of Brookhaven has specific guidelines for the maximum size of buildings and driveways in residential districts. These rules are outlined in § 85-176 of the local zoning laws. The primary aim is to maintain the aesthetic and functional aspects of residential areas.

Maximum Building Size

Depending on your residential zone, the maximum size for a principal structure or building varies. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • A Residence: 11,250 square feet
  • A-1 Residence: 15,000 square feet
  • A-2, A-5, A-10 Residence: 30,000 square feet
  • B Residence: 7,500 square feet
  • B-1 Residence: 11,200 square feet
  • C Residence: 7,875 square feet
  • D Residence: 11,250 square feet

Driveway Size and Material

The rules also specify the type of materials you can use for your driveway. The maximum amount of front yard area that can be used for a driveway should not exceed 35% of the primary front yard. Additionally, the driveway should not be wider than 24 feet.

Exceptions and Special Cases

Repairs and Replacements

If your driveway existed before these rules came into effect, you’re in luck. Repairs or replacements of such driveways are not considered violations.

Flag Lots

For interior lots known as “flag lots,” the calculation of front yard area excludes portions that are 20 feet or less in width.

Religious Institutions

Religious institutions are exempt from these limitations.

Why These Rules Matter

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: These rules help maintain the visual appeal of residential areas.
  2. Functional Use: They ensure that driveways are functional and not excessively large.
  3. Safety: Limiting driveway size can also be a safety measure, ensuring clear visibility for both drivers and pedestrians.

How to Obtain a Variance

If your proposed structure or driveway exceeds the maximum size, you’ll need to obtain an area variance from the Board of Zoning Appeals. This is a formal process that requires you to present your case and justify the need for a larger structure or driveway.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the “Town of Brookhaven Driveway Rules” is essential for any homeowner in the area. These rules are not just bureaucratic red tape; they serve a purpose in maintaining the quality of life in residential zones. If you’re planning any construction or renovation, make sure to consult these guidelines or seek professional help from Traci’s Permits, who can guide you through the process.

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